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Friday, August 15, 2014

Do You Need a Mobile Solution?

Helping Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical Service Contractors
The continued march of technology has given us access to information in the palm of our hands. We can find any business, service, or product information on our cellphones. We went from "bricks that could only make calls to cellphones that easily fit into our shirt or pants pocket and allow us to open the internet or so to say everything in the world. It's not just us as business people but your customers and potential customers are becoming more and more dependent on their mobile technology. Although I started out by discussing cellphones, that mobile technology includes tablets and phablets. If you are not up to speed on technology a phablet is an over-size smart cellphone. The demand for desktop computers and laptop computers has dropped substantially with the power and ease of smartphones, phablets, and tablets. Website Magazine had an interesting 5 question quiz so you can understand the magnitude of use of these devices. Here is the quiz which you can take yourself. You will be amazed at the numbers.
1. What is the amount of time spent on mobile devices per day by the average U.S. consumer in 2014?
a. 20 hours and 14 minutes
b. 12 hours and 14 minutes
c. 5 hours and 57 minutes
d. 2 hours and 42 minutes
e. 38 minutes
2. What percentage of worldwide Google Play revenue do Freemium apps account for?
a.  98 percent
b. 72 percent
c. 38 percent
d. 17 percent
e. 53 percent
3. In what app category do U.S. smartphone users spend the most time interacting?
a. News/Info
b. Communications
c. Shopping/Commerce
d. Games
e. Social
4. What percentage of consumers are watching videos on their smartphones?
a. 75 percent
b. 93 percent
c. 25 percent
d. 42 percent
e. 12 percent 
5. As of June 2014, how many mobile Internet users are there worldwide?
a. 890 million
b. 1.2 billion
c. 106 million
d. 7.1 billion
e. 3.4 billion
Answers at the end of this post
Helping HVAC, Plumbing, and Electricial Service Contractors
So what should you do to tap into this market and assure your website is best viewed on every type of device? There are at least three choices. One is to have a responsive site  which means your website display changes when your customer uses their mobile device to access it. If it is a desktop or laptop it displays the way you had it built. If it is viewed on a smartphone, phablet, or tablet it displays differently to make it much more useful for the viewer. Another option is to build a totally separate design when one of these mobile devices opens your website. You could also develop an App but then the customer would need to upload your App to see your content. Probably not the first direction a contractor should select. Each of these solutions are time consuming and costly to develop but as with everything in business "It costs to attract customers". Begin to investigate the options and costs. As you put your 2015 budget together you should put this cost into it to meet this new trend. The numbers are only going to grow as more people have these devices and learn the convenience they provide.  

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Dan has been in the service industry for nearly 50 years. He has operated a large plumbing, heating and air conditioning service company and for the past 12 years has helped small companies in the service business to grow and prosper. Contact him at

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Answers to the Quiz: d, a, e, a, b

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You Don't Care!

Employees wear these pink bands
I have been in the plumbing, heating, and air conditioning service business for more than 50 years. My Dad was a plumbing service contractor who worked out of his home. I helped him as a high school student on weekends and during the summer months. I grew to love the business and the ability to help customers by solving problems they could not solve themselves. Why do I tell you this? It is to let you know I have been around the block a few times in this industry. I have seen and heard a lot. I have been with thousands of customers from little old grandmas to auto industry leaders. All have a concern for the integrity and character of the company they use for service and the Technician who arrives at their home or business. So let’s focus in on a way to improve the perception of your business in the eyes of your customers. Remember, Perception is the customer’s reality.

As I search the web for contractors’ websites, receive their email newsletters, or review their customer newsletters, I find a need to improve on the message that the company I’m looking at has integrity and character. If you Google the word plumber what do you see? Many of the images are of someone’s butt crack. If you watch television and there is an investigative sting operation, it’s an HVAC company. We lack professionalism, trust, character, and integrity in the eyes of many customers.

As a customer searches for a service contractor, they have a lot of anxiety about the choices before them. They look for a local contractor, one who’s name they recognize, one some friend or neighbor recommended. Often they are confused and have that helpless feeling. They are pretty sure they are not going to be happy with the outcome of the service, the Technician, or the price. There are many ways to help change that perception including clean well maintained trucks, neat uniformed Technicians, well done website with pictures of babies and moms, friendly Customer Service Reps, booties, and a host of others. But let me give you one more.

A client, Thornton and Grooms, is active in the community. They do most all the activities other
Notice the Pink Shirt
contractors are involved in such as home shows. But they also give back to the community through theirHearts and Heroes Award” donations to charities, service and installations for the needy, and major campaigns. One such current campaign is focused breast cancer awareness and assistance with The Pink Fund”. Each of these are company-wide efforts which give the employees a sense of belonging to a caring firm and it helps to show that it’s not about butt cracks and rip-
Another Pink Shirt
offs. The concept is always to provide the best service but to also include the “We care” in everyday business. It helps to give the customer a secure feeling about the business. Click on the Hearts and Heroes Award or The Pink Fund above to see how they use this concept. Then look at the banners that run across their Home page.

Are your future customers confident that You Care when they see you marketing or does your image lack a solution to that customer concern?

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Dan has been in the service industry for nearly 50 years. He has operated a large plumbing, heating and air conditioning service company and for the past 12 years has helped small companies in the service business to grow and prosper. Contact him at