Friday, March 22, 2013

Cruise Thoughts

Cruise ShipHave you ever been on a cruise? If you have, you will recognize these things about the cruise.

Cruises have Onboard Credit Card for all expenses. Do you accept credit cards and do you have a credit easily available for your customers?

Cruise provide a long list of extras and add-ons:
   Soft drink cup
   Shake and Juice glass
   Art auctions
   Drawings to encourage seeing all shops
   Limited time sales
   Approved excursions
   Beer and wine
   Upgrade dining
   Room service extras
   Transfers to and from the ship
   Naturalist's books and videos
   Room upgrades
   Frequent travelers benefits
   Deposit for future cruises with benefits
   Spa with dozens of pampering options
   Aerobic classes
   Wine tastings
   In room refrigerator with soft drinks and bottled water
   Laundry services
   Tuxedo rental
   "Garage sale"
   "Kid free" zones
   On board classes
   On board tours
    Extra for Internet services with various packages

One online site states "On a 7 day cruise a couple will average $400-$600 in extras." Another site tells cruisers to expect to spend an additional 40-60% above the cruise fare. The cruise lines are very good about offering add-ons. Do your customers spend 40-60% more than the basic repair or replacement cost?

Cruises have coupon books for on board and at ports. Customers are looking for deals to save money. Are you giving them coupons and add-on discounts?

Cruises have constant marketing even on in room television. Do you have a constant on going marketing campaign?

Cruise ships have daily newsletter with schedule, coupons, and marketing. Do you Techs have handouts and literature to give to the customer?

Cruise ships have seminars on the ports and the cruises port activities to sell extras. Does your website or blog have educational material for the customer to learn about new products and services?

Cruise ships recommended places to buy in port (the cruise line gets paid to do this). Do you have add-on products or services that a subcontractor might provide that you receive a referral fee for?

Cruise lines have frequent cruiser cards with perks. Do you have a preventative maintenance plan with extra perks for repeat and ongoing customers?

Cruise companies have monthly magazines, e-magazines, and other mailings and e-mailings. Do you have a newsletter that goes out at least twice a year and monthly e-mailings?

Cruise lines have group discounts. Do you have affinity cards for employees of your commercial accounts with a discount?

Cruise ships have special cruises for those with special interests. Do you have products and services for those with special needs and do you market to them? An example might be backup sump pumps in areas that have a high water table.

Cruise lines cater to special groups such as:
   Different Economic Groups
Do you actively cater to special groups with your products and services?

Cruise lines are selective in the people they hire. They must cater to customers, be friendly, they are well trained, they are clean cut and neat, they all wear complete uniforms. Do your Techs and in house employees fit this bill?

Cruise lines have systems in place in every operation. Does your company?

Are you offering a list of options for your customers? Are you constantly marketing in a variety of forms? Do you cater to special groups? Is your presentation from the beginning to the end of a transaction with a customer friendly, with clean cut neat professionals who use a proven system to make it a wow experience for the customer?

If you have been on a cruise you can relate to each of these. If you have not been on one, you should try it and see these things for yourself.


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