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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Biking for Water!

Saturday Training Ride
Water is life…and hundreds of millions of people around the world are suffering today because they do not have access to clean water. Hope Water Project is committed to providing clean water by partnering with communities and drilling deep water wells in some of the world’s neediest areas. Our current project is to provide 1,000 new water wells for the Pokot tribe in northwestern Kenya.

As you may know I have been an active participant in raising funds for Hope Water Project ( ). I have run 2 half marathons as fund raisers over the past 2 years. On August 21st, I am attempting to complete the Assenmacher 100 mile bicycle ride. I have not been a long distance bike rider in the past. Lynn and I have just done some 10 -15 mile rides here in Michigan and in Florida for pleasure. The training is challenging and kicking my butt! That’s a biking joke! Fortunately, we conveniently live right off Hines Drive where I have been doing most of my training.

I am asking you to team up with me and Hope Water Project to partially fund drilling a well for fresh water in Africa for a tribe of people who have never had access to water that is clear, sanitary, and disease free. I am asking that you donate, it is a tax deductible contribution, and you will know exactly what it will accomplish. Here is a link to video that shows what Hope Water is working to provide And over 85% of all money raised goes directly into drilling and installing new wells.

Here is the process:
Click on: Donate tab and scroll down
Select:  Assenmacher 100
Select: Kensington Church
You will see some pictures of participants. If you don’t see me, click on: Show All or Show More tabs at the bottom of the pictures displayed.
Make your donation.

If you have other great causes you support and are unable to provide financial support to Hope Water, I understand. But if you have been Blessed this year and can help, I Thank You!